Monday, May 14, 2007

The List: Things I need to start up a local (Rochester) web site:

  • Domain Name, check, got it,

  • Hosting: I'd prefer to trade for advertising with a local ISP, but will go with a larger, national company if I must pay actual cash.

  • Computer: Check, got my Mac PowerBook G3 (though I need to upgrade the OS, need a battery and maybe buy a new computer).

  • Scanner: Mine (UMAX Astra 1220S) quit about 3 weeks ago, so that needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Digital camera: Have a working one, Kodak 225, though it's about 8 years old - still takes great photos and works with my software.

  • Car: Actually, I have a surplus, a 1992 Olds Sierra and a 1990 Chevy Van, both run, though they look ugly.

  • Office: Since I work from my home and actually have more space than I need, I see no need to rent space.

  • Phone: Yes, no problem.

  • Business Cards: Will need these once I get the site hosted and running.

  • Working capital: Not much needed, so I can supply most of it myself. Will consider offers for partnerships.

  • News: Much of this is going to have to come from the community. I can maybe do 3-5 stories per day myself, but my time is going to be at a premium..

  • More news: Send your press releases or news by email or send to Downtown Magazine, 29 Owen St. Rochester, NY 14615 for now.

  • Ads: I figure I need about 50 regular advertisers to break even, so I'll be selling most of the advertising myself.
  • Advertise Your Rochester Business
    Your ad could be on this blog and on our new site
    email: Rick Gagliano

  • Ad software: I have an ad rotation program, plus I reworked a couple of forms into a nifty text ad creator which emails me the results.

  • Tech help: How many students at RIT are majoring in web design or internet technology?

  • More ads: Willing to work with agencies and will pay standard fees.

  • Site design: Going to do the basics myself, of course.

  • Promotion: I'm looking to partner or trade with other area media, but have a concept which could become huge.

If you have any ideas or can fill any of the above needs, contact Rick Gagliano at 585-458-0498 or email me.

The site,, will launch on or about May 29-30.



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