Friday, December 15, 2006

Travesty: Bills Blacked Out Again.

The Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins game this Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium is not sold out and will not be televised in the NFL-ordained market area, including Rochester. Sunday’s game is the third consecutive blackout of a Buffalo home game and it comes at a time when fans are actually excited about the Bills. The team is playing well and we've already missed on TV a win over Jacksonville and a close loss to San Diego.

Fans are being short-changed by the league, especially since the recent renovation of "the Ralph" was financed in part by tax dollars. With ticket prices in the stratosphere (from $36 to $64), rapacious parking practices ($10 to park your car within any reasonable distance from the stadium) and beer at $8 a pop during games, is there any wonder that people would rather stay home, save money and watch the game in comfort?

The best thing that can happen to the Bills and all of the overpriced sporting events is for people to stay away in droves. Maybe then the NFL (and their goofy NFL network experiment) will get the message that players are being paid too much and fans are (as usual) bearing the brunt of the greed by both the owners and players.

About 4,000 tickets remain and can be purchased at the stadium box office, The Bills Store in Eastview Mall, and all Ticketmaster outlets. Tickets are also available online but the best advice is to just skip it. Neither Miami nor the Bills have much of a chance to make the playoffs - and though it should be a good game - it's not worth the effort to sell out a game that already is 95% sold out.

What a bad joke and a sorry holiday message from the Bills organization.

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