Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Normal Redux: April Snowstorm

It's early AM and it's raining. Weather forecasters are calling for something like 6-12 inches of snow. Being that this is April 15 - usually the day I submit my tax returns - it's somehow fitting that instead of rushing to the the post office (tax day has been moved ahead to April 17) Rochestarians will instead be treated to an ugly dose of wet, sticky snow.

I'm watching the water hang on the tips of tree branches outside as the wind picks up and shakes the cold droplets off. Freezing rain with a layer of snow on top could pull down limbs throughout the area and there's little doubt of that occurrence taking place at some point somewhere in the region.

Most of the heaviest snow is supposed to fall in the Catskills through
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central and Eastern New York later tonight when (as the weather pundits are saying) the storm re-develops.

I got a peek at the local radar off TV just a minute ago and the storm seems to have slipped by Buffalo and Rochester for now. Checking the maps at the radar shows a huge green blob over the entire East coast.

This is a huge storm; it's the cold air and snow that's perked up the antennae of the "global weirding" crowd - people who see climate changes beyond the usual suspected "global warming" scenarios. Global "weirders" have bought into the theory of unintended consequences - that there may be more perverse aspects than what scientists or other experts suggest, like snow in Spring.

Well, I'm off to start a local newspaper. More on that later.

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